Research, Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

Nagira Consultants Limited undertake community needs assessments, baseline surveys, feasibility studies, market studies and evaluations as part of project design. Nagira Consultants Limited have also enormous capacity in monitoring projects and programs on behalf of donors especially where they have no access or do not wish to establish elaborate structures. In
project and program Monitoring and Evaluation we have capacity and experience to undertake;

  • Process Monitoring (Input delivery and Activities
  • Formative Evaluation (Baseline and midterm evaluation)
  • Summative Evaluation (outcome and impact evaluation)

At Nagira Consultants Limited , we are ready to meet the needs of our clients by making sure the right monitoring and evaluation tools are in place. We serve as evaluators on a wide range of initiatives developed by other organizations.
We at Nagira Consultants Limited use highly technical and structured methods, including various survey tools and quantitative analysis. We are adept at data collection and analysis: using quantitative and qualitative evaluation designs. We also have the ability to communicate and disseminate evaluation results to diverse stakeholders and audiences.